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Cousin's Website Now Up

2010-05-22 01:03:34 by jamesbondman

His website

It's basically a big artist's website, but also has other stuff to talk about in his forums. He is holding art contests every few weeks. Register now, he just made the site, he needs more members other than himself

Horror movie's year part 1

2010-04-30 21:21:03 by jamesbondman

Nightmare on Elm Street came out today (April 30th) But that doesn't end the horror for 2010. Please view each and every link for each film....


Saw 7 3D

Paranormal Activity 2

Jonah Hex

Let Me In


Piranha 3D

Child's Play


That's all I can list but I'll try to make a part 2


2010-04-25 16:34:01 by jamesbondman

Now that I got you attention (title is a joke, don't worry.) I would please ask you to review some of my art, if you wouldn't mind either, please scout me. It would mean a lot guys. Thanks for your time. Here's the link


I'm Back!

2010-04-21 22:25:26 by jamesbondman

After awhile, I've returned to world of emo art, the reason I was out for the most part was because I wanted to improve my art skill so that it looked like it was the real thing, hope you guys like it, it took forever to draw.
Here it is, enjoy

South Park Backhands Gingers AGAIN

2010-04-20 21:50:29 by jamesbondman

Last month South Park aired an episode of South Park where they make fun of Gingers (check out the link.) Now, as in this new video the user CopperCab the Fat Ginger now protests against the new episode (aired last week, no youtube video though) about how he thought that South Park's continued "racism" against Gingers, somehow a new race. Well Mr. Copper Cab, I have brown hair, so do I get a new race, maybe a religion?! Look guys, this guy is totally full of shit, he's probably trying get attention or popularity at school, But whatever, the new episode that will complete the episode last week will be aired tomorrow (Wednesday April 21st) So, maybe we'll get another video of how Copper says the South Park makes fun of Gingers for a "couple of bucks." Ok Copper, if you think that nearly a million, maybe a billion "bucks" is just, a couple, I'd like to see you make that in a year, they have jobs! It's their job, yes they probably found the video of Youtube and found it to make them a "couple of bucks" richer. This kid even tried to stop the original episode from airing! A Youtube Petition? VERY MATURE! This kid even said that Mexicans, Blacks, Whites get respect. LOOK AT SOUTH PARK AGAIN!! They make fun of everything, so when you say your new race gets respect, go on youtube and see South Park making fun of the people that get this so-called, "respect." Now I get offended at times, but not enough to go on Youtube and make a freaking petition?! This bastard needs a life, and needs to get laid BIG TIME!

Only if you read this blog you will understand the meaning of no FREAKING LIFE!!!

Guess what guys? You know that game Modern Warfare 2 that's been out for about 5 months now? I got 10th prestige, not only got it, I HAVE BEATEN IT!!! BEAT THAT NERDS WHO NEED TO HAVE THEIR MOM CARRY A BOWL OF SHIT WHENEVER YOU NEED TO SHIT!!! BEAT THAT WORLD OF WARCRAFT (which I love so much) HA!!!!
(this is clearly a joke, my internet on my game system is not letting me sign in at the moment and I'm only on 1st prestige now and only halfway to the next one.)
Well, good night to you all...

no life? You don't that phrase...

Well it's been since December since my last blog and felt as if I needed a new one so I bring you...


Finally beat Applez!

2009-12-19 12:04:20 by jamesbondman

The game wasn't impossible, just annoying. And for those who are pissy about the golden launch pad, at the start of level 7, jump off the other side where you start and stay next to the edge, the launch pad will bounce you up and you'll get the medal

Christmas Coming Soon....

2009-12-16 18:35:23 by jamesbondman

And I must say, I'm excited


2009-12-16 16:30:02 by jamesbondman

I'm finally a rank of scout (thank god -_-)
but next I'm aiming for safety patrol then police officer!